Temple of Mystra

The Temple of Mystra

Within the Citadel, the temple of Mystra is located within the dormant volcano. It is commonly referred to as “the inner temple”, as apposed to the outer temple of Helm. Along with being a fully functioning temple to the Lady of Magic, the inner temple is home to a fully functioning magical research laboratory, and serves as the command center for most KOR functions. It also houses a library for research, the living quarters for KOR retrieval teams, a sparing room, and a magical armory.

Weapons, magical items that could be used as weapons, and armor are not allowed to be worn within the Temple of Mystra. Members of the retrieval teams have such items cataloged and stored in armory immediately after arrival at the temple and may retrieve them again prior to leaving. The wards and persistent spells in the armory also are able to identify most properties of normal magical items, and will do so of items claimed by retrieval members for free.

It was excavated by magical means, and all the floors, walls, and ceiling are smooth black and red basalt with no obvious seams, cracks, tiles, or tool marks. However, in some rooms, gas bubbles trapped in the rock give the wall or floor the appearance of cheese, or perhaps burrowed into by worms. Most rooms have an angular shape similar to normally constructed buildings.

Rumor has it the way to the vault lays somewhere within the inner temple, but as portions of the temple are off limits to most people, it is hard to tell exactly the way to the vault.

Temple of Mystra

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