Vandurst Nordmann

Skilled bowman and scout from the northlands


Ranger 2 / Fighter 4

Vandurst Nordmann

Male Human Fighter 4 / Ranger 2 Lawful Neutral

Strength 12 (+1) Dexterity 18 (+4) Constitution 16 (+3) Intelligence 11 (+0) Wisdom 11 (+0) Charisma 11 (+0)

Size: Medium Height: 5’ 7” Weight: 175 lb Skin: Tan Eyes: Green Hair: None

Total Hit Points: 48

Speed: 30 feet

Armor Class: 16 = 10 +2 [leather] +4 [dexterity] Touch AC: 14 Flat-footed: 12

Initiative modifier: +4 = +4 [dexterity] Fortitude save: +10 = 7 [base] +3 [constitution] Reflex save: +8 = 4 [base] +4 [dexterity] Will save: +1 = 1 [base]

Attack (handheld): +7/+2 = 6 [base] +1 [strength] Attack (unarmed): +7/+2 = 6 [base] +1 [strength] Attack (missile): +10/+5 = 6 [base] +4 [dexterity] Grapple check: +7/+2 = 6 [base] +1 [strength]

Languages: Common

Composite Longbow [1d8, crit x3, range incr. 100 ft., 3 lb, piercing]

Leather armor [light; +2 AC; max dex +6; check penalty 0; 15 lb.]


Mounted Combat    
Mounted Archery    
Point Blank Shot    
Far Shot    
Precise Shot    
Rapid Shot    [ranger archery track]
Track    [free to rangers]
Weapon Focus Comp Long Bow
Weapon Specialization Comp Long Bow

Traits: Uncivilized

Appraise 0 = +0

Balance Dex* 4 = +4

Bluff Cha -1

Climb Str 4

Concentration +3

Bowyer Fletcher +3

Diplomacy Cha -1 [uncivilized]

Disguise +0

Escape Artist +4

Forgery +0

Gather Information -1 [uncivilized]

Handle Animal 3

Heal +0

Hide 10

Intimidate 0

Jump 1

Knowledge (nature) 9

Listen 7

Move Silently 10

Ride 4

Search 4

Sense Motive 0

Spot 7

Survival +0

Swim +1

Use Rope +4

Know Nature >=5 ranks gives +2 on survival checks above ground. Uncivilized trait: +1 on any wild empathy checks.

Favored Enemies:

  • Animals +2

This ranger chose the archery track. Level 1: Ranger 8 Level 2: Fighter 6 Level 3: Fighter 2 Level 4: Fighter 8 +1 to dexterity Level 5: Fighter 2 Level 6: Ranger 4

Class     HP rolled

Vandurst is a short and muscled human man that stands 5’7”. He appears mid aged and somewhat plain in appearance. His head is shaved bald and his scalp has several tattoos of light brown in abstract shapes. He has a thick aged and unkempt beard. He wears thick Yak skin hide armor, only removing it in the warmest and most humid locations. Across his back is a stiff leather quiver with home crafted white cedder shafted arrows fletched with swan feathers, and tipped with steel broad heads. His pants are thick brown leather and match his boots, which are lined with otter fur.

Vandurst was raised on the tundra as a member of his village, passing the manhood rituals at the age of 12 day-night seasons. After proving tenacity to the master of pelts he began training in the skills of tundra stalking. However, his blood claim to the hunter sect of his tribe was weak, and he was passed over. He was left behind with a small pack of smoked fish and a fire on the tundra. He was able to down a caraboo calf, and created a small camp before being found by a traveling monk of Helm, whom took pity on him. The monk took him back to his order where he was learned the calling of a guardian of Helm, but his wild and independent style was ill suited to the structured knight ranks of the church of Helm. He spent many years as a wilderness guide and missionary to distant places for the church before being reassigned to the knights of reclamation. He has been assigned to the Blackleaf’s reclamation team and serves as their scout.

He is generally quiet, preferring to let others in the group speak while he observes surroundings. He is out of place in civilized locations, but is a true blessing in the wild.

Vandurst Nordmann

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